Below are our core values. Please click on the titles to read a brief description of each one, or download a PDF version.

Reorientated by the Priority of the Gospel

As humans we are prone to live self-orientated lives, but as a church we are committed to intentionally re-orientating every aspect of our lives around the priority and power of the gospel of Jesus to change the lives of believers as we pastor one another and to change the lives of unbelievers as we share the good news of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. As such, we are employed by God as His ambassadors, and so we encourage each other to re-orientate our thoughts, attitudes, words, and deeds by allowing Jesus to change our hearts in the context of everyday life including our relationships, time, money, skills, and gifts for the our primary purpose of advancing the gospel.

Shaped by God's Word

We are a family of disciple-learners who want our lives to be shaped by God’s Word. We believe God’s Word—the Bible—is His revelation to us about how to be redeemed and changed through Jesus. We believe the Bible to be the reliable, authoritative, and sufficient Word of God; therefore, it is our ultimate authority on what it means to be followers of Jesus. The Bible is about Jesus—the entire Old Testament looks forward to Jesus, and the entire New Testament looks back to Jesus. Therefore, as we study His Word, we want to be changed into the likeness of Christ by God's power, not just filled with head knowledge.

Filled & Led by the Holy Spirit

We recognise that in ourselves we have no means of change. We desperately need the Holy Spirit to fill us and lead us. The Holy Spirit is a person, and we are called to grow in our love and dependence upon Him. Through Him we are able to live a new and different life and to experience gradual change and ongoing victory over remaining sin in our lives as we die to ourselves and live for Jesus. It is only the Holy Spirit that can bring about real lasting heart change as we are obedient in our conduct. We must be filled and led by the Spirit at all times in all things no matter what the cost or consequences.

Devoted to a Praying Life

We believe that we have a Heavenly Father who loves to hear our prayers at all times, from all places, and about all things. A praying life isn’t just about gathering together in meetings to pray—though that is a great to do—it is about living life in communion with the Father, asking Him to lead and give us wisdom in the every day, bringing our worries and troubles to Him moment by moment, and praying for opportunities to share Jesus with people. It a life devoted to doing the Father’s will by seeking His will in every moment of life.

Ordered by Complementarian Relationships

We believe God ordered His creation, including how men and women interact, according to His good plan and purpose. We believe that men and women are equal, and we also believe they have different and complementary roles in God’s creation. The man is to be a humble and courageous leader and a tender provider who would give up his life for his wife. The women is to be a servant-hearted helper who lovingly, willingly, and sacrificially supports her husband in his role and responsibility to lead and provide for his family. We see the family unit comprised of a marriage between one man and one woman as God’s core building block for society and the church. In addition, in church leadership we see these roles played out in a complementary, though different, way. Qualified men are to serve as elders, and other qualified men and women are to serve as deacons under the authority of the elders.

Gathered for Celebration & Equipping

We believe the weekly church gathering is important for celebrating Jesus’ goodness and for being equipped and trained for the purpose of being on Jesus’ mission. In addition, it provides a common identity, mission, values, and leadership for all of our Gospel Communities.

Scattered as Family Units on Mission

We believe our community groups are the church scattered throughout the community. They are equal in value and priority to the gathered church. We scatter as families on Jesus’ mission to pastor and disciple one other and to be involved in local mission. We want people to experience Jesus’ life-transforming power in the context of a network of relationships—to see up-close and personal the power of the gospel in believers’ lives. We believe people come to faith in Jesus and grow in faith as one person reminds another about the gospel of Jesus and as they share their lives together.

Blessed to Be a Blessing to our Community

Jesus came to be a blessing to all nations so that through His words and deeds everyone one might understand how to be saved through Him. As His body, we seek to be a blessing to our community as we live out Jesus’ mission by sharing the good news of Jesus both in words (by sharing our faith), and in deeds (by showing our faith). We intentionally look for practical ways, both big and small, to serve in our different communities each week.

Multiplied by Planting New Churches

We want a simple model of church that is reproducible so that multiplication can take place. We see that the primary mode of multiplication is through planting community groups in gospel priority areas and with gospel priority people groups. We are committed to starting new communities connected together by Sunday gatherings. The groups will be formed around common vision, values, identity, and mission, and will be under a common leadership. We want to be connected for the purpose of unity and vision and scattered for the purpose of local mission.
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