As disciples of Jesus Christ, we have gained a new identity. Because God is our Father, we are a part of His FAMILY. Because Jesus is King, we are His SERVANTS. Because the Holy Spirit is our guide and sender, we are His MISSIONARIES. We have been called to live out our new gospel identities as His church to our friends, family, work colleagues, and neighbours so that they might see that Jesus is our King and has truly transformed our lives.

1. Family

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We are DISCIPLES of Jesus Christ who are FAMILY. God created us to be part of His family. He has adopted us into His family through the death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ. Our wonderful Heavenly Father is willing and able to care for his adopted children. Not only do we have a Heavenly Father, but we also have brothers and sisters in Christ, whom we are to love, encourage, and serve.

3. Servants

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We are DISCIPLES of Jesus who are SERVANTS. Jesus is our servant King who gave up His life so we might live. As His people, we too are called serve by dying to self so that Christ might live in and through us. In doing so, we give an example of what life will be like under the rule and reign of Jesus Christ. It gives a tangible witness to Jesus’ kingdom and the power of the Gospel to change lives. We are called to serve in such a way that it demands a Gospel explanation—lives that cannot be explained in any other way than by the Gospel of the Kingdom of Jesus.

2. Missionaries

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We are DISCIPLES of Jesus who are MISSIONARIES. A missionary is one who is sent. Jesus is one who was sent by the Father to earth to take on human form. Through his life, words, and deeds, He was a witness of what God is like and how to enter the kingdom of God. We are called by Jesus to be His witnesses and to be His hands, feet, and mouth to a lost world. We are missionaries sent to proclaim—in word and deed—salvation through Jesus to a watching world. We do this by reorienting every area of our life for the mission of sharing the Gospel with others by making disciples. Jesus called His disciples to follow His ways, to be His disciples, and to live in obedience to all that God commands. He then sent His disciples out to make new disciples who, in turn, would make disciples.
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